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What is Equidam?
Equidam is a fintech company started in 2013 by Gianluca Valentini & Daniel Faloppa. Equi refers to the word equity, something we can help you to build and grow. Dam refers to our placement in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Clever, right? Equidam allows you to make smarter business decisions by valuing your company. Our easy-to-use platform eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming consulting to make measuring and tracking growth easier for you and potential investors!

How does Equidam work?
Equidam asks basic questions about your company structure and financials. Once you fill in your answers, our algorithm crunches your numbers and analyzes your data using 5 methods of valuation, spitting out a number that signals your company value. Which methods come into play, you ask? We make use of discounted cash flows (both longterm and with multiples), balanced scorecards, checklists and venture capital.

Wie wij zoeken

We are always on the look for smart, fast learning and motivated people. Apply here to join our international team on a mission to change finance for small companies.